All 5 are essential!

We claim Christ’s vision and mission for today through these life-changing, church-changing, and world-changing Mission Initiatives:


Invite-people-to-Christ-icon75      Invite People to Christ–Christ’s mission of evangelism

  • Share the good news and invite others to join with you in mission .
abolish-poverty-icon75      Abolish Poverty, End Suffering–Christ’s mission of compassion

  • Reach the brokenhearted, the suffering and those who need hope and Christ’s peace.
pursue-peace-icon75      Pursue Peace on Earth–Christ’s mission nof justice and peace

  • Release those held captive by unjust systems and the circumstances of life that devalue the worth of any person.
develop-disciples-icon75      Develop Disciples to Serve–Equip individuals for Christ’s mission

  • Engaging in faith education and spiritual formation practices to be equipped for the mission of Christ.
experience-congregations-icon75     Experience Congregations in Mission–Equip congregations for Christ’s mission

  • In community, experience the witness of Christ and go out to share His love and grace with the world.

    We will be a prophetic people characterized by uncommon devotion to the compassion

and peace of God revealed in Jesus Christ!

Won’t you come and be a part of all the excitement?